The first thing we must do is differentiate between a business idea and an opportunity.

Let us remember that the idea is when we begin to intellectually elaborate what we will do, our brain works for that, so we then seek to solve a problem but rather to satisfy the needs in the market. If all this is affirmative, we will arrive at the opportunity.

For an opportunity to be generated, we have two paths in the market, it is the direct way, detecting its existence but positioning the product, or triggering a discovery process so that the product fits.

Successful companies have been created by identifying the opportunity opportunity, but the big question: How do I create opportunity? It’s simple, when you discover a problem within your niche where you have the solution, you have achieved it.

Easiest way to undertake successfully: Problem, client, solution.

More complex: product, customer, problem.

So the first thing you will need to find out is whether or not there is an opportunity for your product.

First, it identifies the problem well and then develops the solution and checks that it adds enough value to the client.

«Do what you sell, don’t sell what you do.»